Turkish packaging printer Barem Ambalaj will soon begin working with a large format Rapida 164...

30 Nisan 2018 Pazartesi

The 6-color double-coater press with triple-length extended delivery is scheduled to arrive in Gaziantep in May. It is to be installed in the new production plant there and will join a 5-color Rapida 142 with in-line coater and 630mm raised foundations, which is already up and running at the location. Following commissioning of the new press, the official inauguration of the new production plant is planned for November.

The Rapida 164 has been configured with a high speed package and can print sheets up to a maximum format of 1205 x 1640mm at speeds up to 15,000 sheets per hour. It also incorporates accessories for mixed UV/conventional operation and will also stand on 630mm raised foundations. Automation features include the sidelay-free infeed DriveTronic SIS, FAPC fully automatic plate changers, CleanTronic Multi washing systems and lowerable non-stop rollers in the delivery. Further highlights are: VariDryBlue IR/hot-air/UV dryers, which significantly reduce the energy consumption for drying; the emission extraction system (EES) to extract unpleasant odors and other emissions from around the printer’s workplace at the delivery; and reduced height color bars to permit optimum utilization of the sheet area. In-line ink density control is handled with QualiTronic ColorControl, and the Rapida 164 possesses a LogoTronic CIPLinkX interface to pre-press to enable the conversion of CIP3 PPF data into press presetting values.

Barem Ambalaj is the largest Turkish packaging printer in terms of turnover, number of sheets printed and number of employees. There are presently 670 employees working at the three locations of the company, which was only founded in 1999.

Barem Ambalaj owner Recep Tasyanar recently visited Koenig & Bauer to check how work is progressing on the new press.

After installation of the Rapida 164, modernization and expansion of the company’s capacities in Tire, Turkey is next on the agenda. There, too, a new large-format Rapida is to be installed alongside the existing 6-color Rapida 142 coater press. In Karaman, a further production location of Barem Ambalaj, the replacement of a large format press from another manufacturer is being discussed.

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