About Us

As Barem Packaging of Izmir, our journey began in 1999 as a small plant located in Tire district. Today we have 100% domestic capital and provide services to whole country via our factories in Gaziantep, Karaman and Izmir. In addition, we contribute to the national economy by exporting to 17 countries.

We employ 800 people in an area of approximately 120,000 square meters, with an annual production volume of 100,000 tons.

We exist in every sector where offset printed cardboard and laminated box packaging are used. Food, electrical-electronic, small household appliances are among the sectors we serve.

As a market leader of the sector since 2016,
with a strong human resources policy,
Yhigh technology production lines,
and providing services for domestic and foreign markets,
we continue to work with all of our energy to contribute to the economy of our country.

Our company, which exports 25% of our total turnover to many countries of the world aims to increase its export capacity day by day.

Taking our strength and energy from our customers, employees, and experiences, our company continues its services by adopting the team spirit.

We add value as "BAREM PACKAGING" with our advanced technology machinery, production volume, and professional team.

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