Human Resources Policy

Barem Packaging, which adopts the words of our Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Recep Tasyanar, "You will go back the moment you stop", is a big family that has centered the philosophy of quality and trust with developing and aiming to provide the best service constantly by investing in people as well as investing in technology and machinery.


  • To develop recruitment, appointment, and promotion methods that are in line with the company goals and that adopt the principle of "placing the right people for the right job"
  • To create high motivation and work as a team and in cooperation on focusing on the company's goals.
  • To design and manage training/development programs structured according to different levels and needs in line with the company's development goals such as orientation, personal development, manager candidate, technical training programs, etc.
  • To develop and update systems that encourage high performances with performance management.
  • Çalışanlara büyük bir ailenin ferdi olduğunu ve değerli olduklarını hissettirmek,
  • Çalışanlara sistemi geliştirmeye yönelik eleştiri ve öneri sunmalarını teşvik etmek,
  • To create an organizational culture in order to achieve company goals and to enable employees to improve.


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