Barem Packaging’s orders for offset printing are produced from Koenig & Bauer machines.

Monday, August 31, 2020

Two Koenig&Bauer RA 164-6+L printing machine signed by Barem Packaging, the leader of the sector, were loaded to the company’s Tire and Karaman factories in the third quarter of the year, despite the pandemic.
Trial prints of the machine installed in Tire factory were made and started production. The second RAPIDA, being established in Karaman, is planned to be put into production in September.
Barem Packaging, which was established and developed by Recep Tasyanar,
serves its customers abroad.

Being one of the Turkey’s leading cardboard packaging manufacturers, flagship of industry, Barem Packaging provides services using high modern technology with serving domestically from different locations, Tire, Karaman as well as Gaziantep and also serving abroad services. The company doubles its capacity with two new large-size Koenig&Bauer RA 164-6+L printers, one installed and the other to be installed soon. An offset printing machine with Koenig&bauer RA 164-6+LTTL FAPC ALV3 double lacquer unit, which prints with both UV and conventional inks, was installed in the Gaziantep Factory that Barem Packaging started last year. With two new installations, Barem Packaging has invested in three large size Koenig&Bauer sheetfed offset printers with high configurations in two years. With the last installations, the number of Rapida in Barem Packaging factories increased to five.
The newly established Koenig&Bauer RApida 164-6 +L FAPC ALV3 offset printing machines are six-color and with lacquer units. Both machines use conventional ink and lacquer. New machines, fast job-to-job changeover such as driveTronic Sensoric Infeed System (SIS), fully automatic plate changer (FAPC), 3900 mm extended output, automatic and internal color measurement and adjustment syster QualiTronic Color Control and machines that reduce the equipped waste.

“Barem Packaging has clinched its leadership in the sector”

Packaging General Manager Metin Kaya makes the following statement to Matbaa Haber on the subject:

“Our Tire factory, which closed the year 2020 with two large format machine investments, started trial productions with the machine installed in the factory.

Our machines, which were installed in Karaman factory and had started being assembled, will begin trial productions in September.

Our company, which has increased its capacity by 100% with these investments, aims at an export-oriented growth outside the domestic market and continues the necessary infrastructure and organization works to service the whole world.

Our company, which never loses faith in the development and stability of our country, will continue its investments and development with firm steps and will maintain its leadership within the sector.
Our company, which ranks 252nd in the ISO second 500 idustrial companies list, has clinched its sector leadership”.”

Our cardboard packaging company

Our cardboard packaging company which was founded and developed by Recep Tasyanar, manufactures with modern and integrated machine parkors in three locations such as Tire, Karaman and Gaziantep. Last year, the company moved its new factory building in Gaziantep and signed a new establishment with this move and put Koenig&Bauer RA 164+6 + LTTL FAPC ALV3 wide format printing machine into service.

In the opening speech of the Gaziantep factory, Barem Packaging Chairman of Board, Recep Tasyanar stated that they would go to increase the capacity for both Tire and Karaman plants in a short time and said “Barem Packaging has not stopped the investment despite these difficult times”.

The company, which produces a total of 90 thousand square meters of open and 45 thousand square meters of closed area with around 800 employees in three factories, processes around 70 thousand tons of cardboard and paper annually. The company, whose Tire and Karaman factories are working with 100% occupancy, will increase its capacity in these two factories with these investments. Mr. Recep Tasyanar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Barem Packaging who said “You will go back the moment you stop” in every speech and never stopped his investments, and told us the following at the opening of his new factory in Gaziantep, “We are a vibrant company. Investments do not end with us. We continue to invest every year. Our new investment moves will come in the coming days. We will invest in large size offset printing machine and cutting machines”.

The company which produces cardboard an plastered boxes in all 3 factories, exports to 20-25 countries besides the domestic market.

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